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Why Cryo? New Year. New You.

Happy New Year from us at CryoSpa Detroit. We all know it's the time of year for new year resolutions. Whether its losing that last 5 lbs, being more physically active, adhering to a stricter diet, 90% of these resolutions are about looking better and being healthier. And if that's the goal, we got you covered.

Looking better, being healthier, increasing energy all come down to controlling and rebalancing your hormone levels. And most of our hormone functioning occurs during sleep, deep sleep more specifically. And it's no coincidence that our clients typically experience their best nights rest after treatment.

This deeper sleep allows our body to decrease our cortisol production (the hormone that responds to stress that often times makes you carry some additional weight through the midsection), increase testosterone (ladies this is a good thing, will help you develop lean muscle mass), increase growth hormone (think fat loss and collagen production), all while helping increase your metabolism.

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