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Why Cryo? Athletic Recovery.

Season just winding down? The stress of the holidays making it tough to muster up the energy for the gym? Have you been dealing with a lingering injury? Don't worry, we have you covered!

Life happens. It's no secret, no matter your occupation or lifestyle we're all susceptible to the occasional injury. So whether it's a pulled hamstring that happened during a punt return, a sore shoulder that's been bothering you since that day in August where you went to heavy, lower back pain that's been hampering you for weeks, or if you just feel like something's off cryotherapy is for you!

Why It Works

Cryotherapy creates a number of systemic physiological and biological reactions. When the bodies skin temperature drops that quickly it sets off a number of chain reactions. The most important is the increase of blood flow that occurs during and after the treatment.

While the skin constricts, it forces blood from our skin back into our body. This will pull in the toxins from the skin, muscles, and organs. The blood reaches the kidney where it's filtered to eliminate the toxins. Blood is then pumped back into the lungs where it becomes re-oxygenated. And this fresh, clean newly oxygenated blood is pumped back out to replace the blood that's been recycled.

Oxygen plays a vital role, not only in our breathing processes but in every metabolic process in the body. Meaning oxygen...

  • Helps with Fat Metabolism

  • Expedites Healing

  • Increases Energy Levels

  • Decreases Swelling of Arthritic Joints

  • Improves Cognitive Function

  • And much more

Player Testimony

“I’m just really open to anything that’s going to help me feel better, help me work out better,” Ngata said. “I’m really open to anything, and once I started cryo, I felt better every time. More and more I started doing it, the better I felt, so I just continued to do it.”

Ngata said the pain in his lower back subsided. His joints felt good. And now he’s hooked, sometimes choosing to use it bracketing workouts. Cryospa's claim benefits include calorie burn, anti-aging and, most important for elite athletes, inflammation reduction and decreased recovery times.


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