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Why Cryo? Weight Loss.

Does it really burn that many calories?

The short answer is yes. However, the responsible answer is that this alone will not jump start a total body transformation.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts. Exercise, diet and nutrition, sleep, hydration, and hormones (metabolism) all play very important roles. The wonderful thing about cryotherapy is that it can expedite and enhance some of the effectiveness of some of the biological and physiological processes that are required for change.

Diet and exercise are perceived as the two biggest culprits because they are the easiest variables for a person looking to lose a few pounds can control. Wouldn't you agree? And if so, what would you think if there was a way to absorb more nutrients from food and supplements, increase your metabolism resulting in a higher daily caloric expenditure and increased energy levels, so you don't have to suffer through your workout as much? Oh, and you may get the best sleep of your life afterwards. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Snake oil, hocus-pocus. Luckily for us, we found a highly motivated individual to test all the theories and science behind the technology. Let me introduce to you a young man named Pete. Pete has always have struggled with his weight. He's tried cleanses, supplements, personal trainers, extreme dieting, intermittent fasting, hormone therapy, and countless other outlets always looking for way to improve his self image.There were times in his life that his weight ballooned over 400 lbs.

So Pete set out a 60 day timeline in which he wanted to accomplish the unthinkable for him. To get below the 300 lbs mark. He's been close in some of his journeys but could never get over that preverbal hump. No pun intended. Pete used a very strict regimented diet, eating five very clean meals a day, spread roughly 3 hours apart to keep his metabolism firing. He increased his water intake to make sure he was properly hydrated so his body could continue to function at an optimal level. And exercised between 1.5 and 2 hours a day. He also, began doing cryotherapy sessions 4-5 times a week. This allowed him to wind down, get a good nights rest, so that everything else he was doing wouldn't continue to stress his body out, but allow his body to naturally increase hormone functioning. The results were uncanny.

Client Testimony

"Cryotherapy was a major contributor to my success. Without it I wouldn't have had the energy required to start my workouts. The sleep after a session is incredible and without it there was no way I could have recovered that quickly."

- Pete N.

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